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The Grox are a sentient species of cyborg aliens that are the most evil and hostile race in the galaxy. They are the most notable for their evil and hostility, but are also notable for their asymmetric, weak, impish appearance. They have an astonishing number of colonies surrounding the galactic core, serving as an obstacle to the player. They are drastically aggressive and only seem to be able to live on otherwise uninhabitable T0 planets. Raising a planet's T-Score will make it impossible for the Grox to inhabit it and will destroy any existing Grox colonies on said planet. It is extremely hard for any empire to defeat the Grox, since their amazingly vast empire spans 2400 systems with more than 5000 planets. The followers of Spode believe that the Grox are the greatest evil, even more so than regular persons who reject the will of Spode, and only The False God That Will Come is hated as much as them. And since everyone hates the Grox, most of the scriptures at some point mentions them as the most unearthly beings in the galaxy

General Knowlage[]

•Famous leader: unknown

•Size: 20’000 light years

•Capital planet: Groxtus

•Population: unknown

•Most populated Planet: unknown

•Main species: Sapius-Groxus

•Main Language: Technology

•Main Religion: Technovicrus